PUBG Mobile Ranking System 2022

Hi, Here You know about PUBG Mobile Ranking System or Rank Teir’s. PUBG Mobile (Players Unknown’s Battlegrounds) is an extreme game to survive with one chance to win. This game is very popular in India/USA/UK and other countries.

PUBG is one of the best games that are included in the mode of battle royal game type. So, Scroll down and know about the PUBG mobile ranking system and increase your rank in the world level.

PUBG Mobile Ranking System

PUBG Mobile Ranking System

PUBG Ranking System is the most important part in the PUBG Mobile game. Many users play this game but only a few rank on PUBG at the Global level. So don’t be an idiot increase also your rank in PUBG mobile. In PUBG mobile it has seven type rank tiers.

You start with Bronze and go up to Ace or Conquer level. The higher rank you got then everyone knows you are a pro player no a novice like them. Because only a pro players got a higher rank on PUBG mobile game.

PUBG Mobile Game Mode

PUBG Mobile has three game modes, each of which has its own rank/ranking. For Classic mode, there are Solo, Duo, and Squad modes. Solo means you and all other 99 players play a solo match after duo mode is two player type mode and finally, the squad is four player game mode where 4 players make a squad and fight with an enemy.

PUBG Mobile Ranking

In PUBG mobile you see 4 types of rankings tier. Each tier is based on each type of performance. See below four type of performance Rankings Tiers.

  1. Total ranking, It based on the overall performance of players from Kill Rating, Survival Rating, and Survival Time.
  2. Survival Ranking, It based on the winning ratio calculated starting by Win Ratio and Total Win.
  3. Kill Rating, It based on the number of killings carried out in the game and counted starting from Most Kill, KDA Ratio, and Total No. Of Kills.
  4. Season Rating, It is based on the player’s performance each in each PUBG Mobile Season.

List Of PUBG Mobile Ranking System


Bronze has 5 tiers in total and after you pass to Silver. Bronze has a Pan weapon icon. It is the lowest level Or starter level for beginners. The level is from Bronze V to Bronze I.


PUBG Mobile Ranking System in us

Silver has 5 tiers in total and after you pass to Gold. It has a gun icon. Silver is the second level. The stages are from Silver V to Silver I.


Gold has 5 tiers in total and after you pass to Platinum. The icon is shotgun in gold colour. The stages are from Gold V to Gold I.


PUBG Mobile Ranks

Platinum has 5 tiers in total and after you pass to Diamond. Platinum has a UMP gun logo in platinum colour. The stages are from Platinum V to Platinum l.


Diamond has 5 tiers in total and after you pass to Crown Level. Diamond have AK-47 and M16A4 in its icon. From here you see pro-PUBG Mobile Players. The stages are from Diamond V to Diamond I.


Crown has 5 tiers in total and after you pass to Ace. Crown has a bolt-action rifle Kar98k in its icon. Kar98k is a most famous gun of every PUBG Mobile users. This is the highest for PUBG Mobile. The stages are from Crown V to Crown I.


PUBG Mobile Ranking

If you complete the Crown level, then you pass to Ace. Ace also has a rifle AWM gun logo in its icon.


After Completing the ACE level you enter in Conqueror rank and this is most rare and reputable rank in PUBG Mobile Ranking System. Some rare pro users touch Conqueror rank. It has a gun and Level 3 helmet in its icon.

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So, Finally, you all know about PUBG Mobile Ranking System. Now go and download this game if you do not download to increase your rank and make your friends look in front. Because Who does not want good achievement in PUBG Mobile at the Global level.

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