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Hi, Mobile legends players, In this post you all know about Mobile Legends Harley Build. You all know the mobile legends is one of the best MOBA Android which you play on iOS devices or any Android Devices. You all play with various players but if you are a new player and did not know how to play with Harley hero then today you completely know about it.

mobile legends harley build

Mobile Legends Harley Build

Harley is a mage-type player. Harley is best and very famous in a player by its flicker power, card throw power, and ring power. When you play with Harley Then you know about it. If you play with Harley Sinciarly then you never die because Harley flicks fast and go away by enemies.

About Harley Hero

Harley In Lion Academy Of Magical City. He is the star of the Lion Academy. He varies fast to learn anything and matter in magic too fast than others. One day Harley exploring the jungle with his friends, then they feel some evil conspiracy of the organization calls Dark Wizards.

So, Brave Harley Decided to Stop them. Then he finds the secret base of Dark Wizards and reports to the headmaster but it goes wrong, he accidentally activated the space portal and teleported the other side Land Of Dawn to Scholar City. Now Harley started his adventure in the Land Of Dawn. So, This is a short story about Harley below you know more about its powers.

  • Role- Mage
  • Speciality- Damage/Poke
  • Price- 32000BP/599D

More Info Of Harley Mage Hero Mobile Legend

Physical PEN0
Life steal0
HP Regen7.2
Physical Attack114
Mana Regen3.6
Magic Power0
Magic RES10
Magical PEN0
CD Reduction0
Attack Speed0.848
Spell Vamp0
Movement Speed240
Crit Strike Chance0%

Mobile Legends Harley Build Skills

Do you all know What is skills are? every Mobile legend Hero has its own unique powers. Powers help you to defeat your enemy, freeze an enemy, help teammates in Gank fight, etc. So you all need to know about Mobile Legend Harley Skills. Every Mobo legend hero has its unique type of Skills. So, Scroll down below and know the gear Harley mobile legend.

Magic Master

Its Passive Power, Like a magic power release his basic attack which deals 60(+50% ATK) +60% Magic Powerpoints of Magic damage.

Poker Trick

CD: 7.0 And Mana Cost: 90

It’s the first power, Harley shoots 3 rounds of cards to an enemy which deals 150(+25% Magic Power) of Magic Damage to the hit. Hit attack may increase 5% after every hit. It hit up to 8 times for 3 seconds.

Space Escape

CD: 13.0 And Mana Cost: 60

In Second power, Harley Flicks himself and leaves his hat in that place, and then appears in the front. Using this power its Movement speed increase by 30% for 2 seconds, you use again this power for in 4 seconds to return to the Harley Hat.

Deadly Magic

CD: 32.0 And Mana Cost: 120                                                                                                           

In this power, Harley locks any enemy and cast a fire ring on it which deals 200(+60% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage and slowing the enemy for 1.5 seconds. After that, it generates a big fire ring around the enemy for 4 seconds at the hit. it deals 100(+30% Magic Power) points of Magic Damage.

So, These are Harley’s skills. Harley is the best poking player in Mobile Legends. Many enemies were frustrated with Harley because they did not find where Harley had Gone after hit them. So, Harley is your first choice on your list to play.

Best Build Equipment For Harley Hero

Equipment Builds are the most important part to build Harley more powerful Magic Power to handle enemies easily and kill them. You may use the default build provided by Mobile Legends like Durable, Brust, Sustains DPS.

But you all change all Builds in all categories and make your own gears set for Harley. Here below I add most using Harley Gear Build. This is the best build for Harley.

  1. Magic Shoes
  2. Glowing Wand
  3. Concentrated Energy
  4. Lightning Truncheon
  5. Calamity Reaper
  6. Blood Wings

Best Spell Which Harley Use

  • Retribution

I think you all know about Mobile Legends Harley Build Details if you all have any queries related to this, then contact me or comment below.

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