How to Create WhatsApp Account on Android

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How to Create WhatsApp Account: Hello Guys, Today here you come to create a Whatsapp account on Android Phone or iPhone. You all know 1billion+ plus users now using Whatsapp massaging apps on their Android or any other platform. Whatsapp beats all brands and got the No.1 rank on it. So, you all also must use this app for your massaging app.

Here below I tell you about how to Create Whatsapp Account On Android fast way. So, you all create your WhatsApp account and connect with your friends in the online chatting arena. You massage your friends, send videos, Photos, Documents, etc. You may join any group and chat with group friends and more on Whatsapp you may do.

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How to Create WhatsApp Account on Android

Before creating an account on WhatsApp you may know about the features that Whatsapp Massaging app provides you free of cost.

  • Voice and Video Calling Features
  • Group Chatting
  • Broadcasting Feature
  • You may use Status Feature in WhatsApp like Facebook
  • Here is no timeline feature like facebook
  • You may Send-Document, PDFs, Videos, Photos etc.

So, These are the best feature in Whatsapp which you got after you make an account in it. I think you all know about WhatsApp’s new app call WhatsApp Business.

If you don’t know Here I tell you about it you may read also this one. WhatsApp Business is almost similar to old Whatsapp but the Business app is one more option which I told about below.

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About WhatsApp Business App

WhatsApp announced its new app call WhatsApp Business. Yah WhatsApp Business for some small businesses who want to expand their connectivity with their customers and users also.

This app would be available to download on Google Play in Indonesia, Italy, the US, UK, etc. But finally, WhatsApp launches this app in India and you can use this By now. It is available to Google Play Store.

How WhatsApp Business App Work I download this app and I see the difference in setting. In setting you to see some extra option to make you the customer to communicate with you easily. Features add like

• Add Labels • Business Setting • New profile type for business WhatsApp App • Statistics • Messaging Tools- Away Massage, Greeting Message, Quick Replies

These are some extra features you see in this WhatsApp Business App like the option is “Quick Replies” which is the best way to connect with all your customers. Want to know How to set up this App see below

How to Create WhatsApp Account Step By Step

You follow these steps to set up your WhatsApp Account. Both Whatsapp and WhatsApp Business app account creating are the same then don’t worry about it. So, Follow these steps.

  1. Download Whatsapp and WhatsApp Business app from Google Play Store and Install it. After Installed you Open your WhatsApp App.
  2. Give Permission and Accept terms and conditions.
  3. Type your Mobile Number to register for the WhatsApp app and go to next. Now Click Ok and continue
  4. Now They Send codes via SMS or Call feature. So, You may write down and enter in a given six digits blank area.
  5. In this step you can only choose a name at once, you never change the name in the future so be careful to choose your name and click next. WhatsApp Initializing final your account activation.
  6. Hurray! you Create a WhatsApp account on Android. Now you send msg and chat with your friends or love ones.

Quick Replies In WhatsApp Business

I think you all create WhatsApp account so now you use it as you want. But you know About WhatsApp Business app it slightly similar with WhatsApp old messenger. At first, you do not see any difference but if you enter the setting you see extra option business settings. In Business settings, you may see features I say above like Quick Replies, etc.

so I think you all know how much this app is useful for you in future so you all who wants to increase his business they use WhatsApp Business app.

Now I hold my hand, I write too much I think but, you all now create WhatsApp account on android using this easy and simple genuine method.

Note- Never spam in massaging apps because this is not acceptable by your government and also never do any irrelevant thing because it may macabre for you in the future.

I think you all know about How to Create WhatsApp Account on Android. So, If you have any issue then, Post Comment if have any Query

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