BGMI Unbanned: Will BGMI be Unbanned in India?

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has been banned in India following the directive of the Indian government. The game was removed from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store on Thursday night, to the disappointment of many, including pro gamers, influencers, and fans across the country.

Krafton’s BGMI recently surpassed 100 million users, making it the most popular Battle Royale game in India. The BGMI esports scene was reaching heights when the BGMI Masters series recently aired on television. The sudden ban on the game is sure to affect the BGMI esports community.

bgmi unban news

BGMI Unban News Today

Indian citizen person data leak : – The main reason for the ban of the PUBG game was that he was leaking the data of India and the people of India. And it could have threatened the security of India and the people of India.

Criminal Cases :- bgmi is slowly becoming an addiction of the people. And due to which the crime activities are also increasing. Recently a 16 year old boy killed his mother and the reason was because that mother used to stop her child from playing bgmi game. Due to this anger, he killed his mother.

Indian money :- bgmi was the most player in india more than 100m downloaders of this game were from india. Because of this, whatever money India had, was going to foreign companies through this game. However, the reason for this has not been confirmed yet. But this is also believed to be a main reason.

BGMI Unban Official Statement

bgmi ban news

Social Media Report :- According to the report of social media, any reason for the closure of the game recently is not clear. But Google says that they have done all this according to the order of the Government of India. The same craft company says that they have absolutely no idea why this app was banned. Action is being taken on this and when the reason is clear, will be informed.

BGMI Unban Date In India 2022

The impact of BGMI’s suspension from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store is reflected in Crafton’s share price, which fell more than 9% on Friday. In May 2022, Crafton disclosed that it generated revenue of $405.5 million in the first quarter of 2022.

When BGMI unban in india?

when bgmi unban in india

Hard to say anything about BGMI unban. But according to me this game will not be banned soon. Because it has been banned according to the instructions of the Government of India. So when the company will ensure to the Indian government only then this game will be unbanned in India.

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What Is bgmi unban date?

As of now, no official statement given by governemnt and BGMI Krafton company to unban this game in India. But, they working on it to unban.

How to Unban BGMI in India?

You can’t unban BGMI in india. Because, I totally ban by Indian government. So, only Governemnt Of india Unban this game in India.

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